All We Could Carry (film)

Title All We Could Carry
Date 2011
Genre Documentary
Director Steven Okazaki
Producer Steven Okazaki
Starring Jeanette Misaka (interviewee); Amy Imai (interviewee); Raymond Uno (interviewee); William Higuchi (interviewee); Yaeko Abe (interviewee); Shig Honda (interviewee); Dorothy Shundo (interviewee); Helen Nishimura (interviewee); Jene Hori Deguchi (interviewee); Bill Shishima (interviewee); Mary Furuta (interviewee); Takashi Hoshizaki (interviewee)
Cinematography Bart Nagel
Editing Steven Okazaki
Studio Farallon Films; Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation
Runtime 15 minutes

Short documentary film by Steven Okazaki on Heart Mountain that serves as the introductory video to the exhibits at the Heart Mountain Interpretive Center. The fifteen minute film draws on interviews with twelve former Heart Mountain inmates and features photographs by Yoshio Okumoto and Bill Manbo, 8-mm home movie footage by Naokichi Hashizume and Eiichi Edward Sakauye, and drawings by Estelle Ishigo, all of whom where were also incarcerated there. The Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation commissioned and funded the film. It premiered at the grand opening of the interpretive center on August 20, 2011.

Authored by Brian Niiya, Densho

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