Children of Detention Camps, 1942-1946 (exhibition)

RG Media Type exhibitions
Title Children of the Detention Camps, 1942-1946
Creators National Japanese American Historical Society
Interest Level Grades 3-5; Grades 6-8; Grades 9-12; Adult
Theme Coming of age; Growing up - pain or pleasure
Genre History
Other Events or Cultural Tie-Ins Japanese Latin American experience; Aleut experience
Availability No availability
Free Web Version No
Has Teaching Aids? No
Topic Concentration camps [65]; Japanese Latin Americans [166]
Geography United States
Chronology 1942-1946
Facility Multiple

Traveling exhibition produced by the National Japanese American Historical Society that debuted in February 1992 at San Francisco City Hall. The sixty-panel photo exhibition looked at the incarceration experience from the perspective of children, who made up a significant portion of affected Japanese Americans. In addition to Japanese American youth, the exhibition includes the experiences of Aleuts and Japanese Latin Americans in the U.S. detention camps. A follow up to the 1990 exhibition U.S. Detention Camps, 1942–1946, Children of Detention Camps was displayed at the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California and Children's Museum of Indianapolis among other venues.

Authored by Brian Niiya, Densho

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Exhibition page on National Japanese American Historical Society website,

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