Chrysanthemums and Salt (film)

Title Chrysanthemums and Salt
Date 1994
Genre Documentary
Director Dianne Fukami
Producer Dianne Fukami; KCSM-TV
Narrator Jan Yanehiro
Cinematography Phil Azzopardi
Studio CrossCurrent Media; KCSM-TV, San Mateo; San Mateo County Community College District
Distributor National Asian American Telecommunications Association
Runtime 27 minutes
IMDB Chrysanthemums and Salt

A short documentary film by Dianne Fukami on the lives of Northern California Japanese Americans prior to World War II. The film focuses on Nikkei in floriculture, salt mining, and agriculture and the communities that grew around these industries. Chrysanthemums and Salt was narrated by Jan Yanehiro and produced for KCSM-TV as part of "The New Americans" series.

Authored by Patricia Wakida

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