Conjunto (play)

Play by Oliver Mayer that explores interactions between Japanese, Mexican, and Filipino American farmers and farm workers in California during the World War II years. Min Yamada, a reluctant Nisei farmer in Burbank who dreams of city life, is confronted with the prospect of losing his farm when he and all other West Coast Japanese Americans are forcibly removed to inland concentration camps. He decides to sell the farm to his trusted foreman and friend, Genevevo, a Mexican American. He also arranges for his Issei wife, Shoko, to remain behind, disguised as a Mexican laborer. Returning from incarceration three years later, he finds that much has changed.

The play premiered in 2003 at Teatro Visión in San Jose, California. In 2006, a revised version of the play was produced at the Borderlands Theatre in Tucson, Arizona and the Playwrights' Arena at Studio/Stage in Los Angeles. Playwright Mayer is an associate professor of dramatic writing at USC School of Theatre and the author of over twenty plays.

Authored by Brian Niiya, Densho

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