Double Solitaire (film)

Title Double Solitaire
Date 1997
Genre Documentary; Experimental
Director Corey Ohama
Producer Corey Ohama
Narrator Monica Nolan
Cinematography Corey Ohama
Runtime 20 minutes
IMDB Double Solitaire

A 1997 documentary film that uses the motif of games to examine how the World War II incarceration of Japanese Americans affected the lives of two "ordinary" people, the filmmaker's Sansei uncles Norm and Stan. Described as "all American" guys who lived in the Amache concentration camp as children, they don't believe that the experience affected them much. However, subsequent conversations and reflections reveal otherwise. Winner of the SECA Award in the Media Arts and King Hu Award, Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film & Video Festival in 1998. Directed, produced and written by Corey Ohama.

Authored by Patricia Wakida

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