Enemy Alien (book)

Title Enemy Alien
Author Kiyo Hirano
Original Publisher Japantown Art and Media Workshop
Original Publication Date 1983
Pages 155
WorldCat Link https://www.worldcat.org/title/enemy-alien/oclc/12952106

Bilingual memoir by Kiyo Hirano of her World War II experiences as an "enemy alien" is a rare example of an Issei woman's first-person perspective of the American concentration camps. Enemy Alien (Japanese title: Tekikoku gaijin) was translated into English by George Hirano and Yuri Kageyama and published by Japantown Arts and Media Workshop (JAM) Publications in 1983. Hirano's Japanese-English biographical account of her incarceration at the Merced Assembly Center and Amache and of her resettlement was originally written as an assignment for a creative writing class at the Japantown Arts and Media Workshop in San Francisco, and eventually published by the organization.

Authored by Patricia Wakida

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