Gasa Gasa Girl Goes to Camp (book)

Title Gasa Gasa Girl Goes to Camp: A Nisei Youth behind a World War II Fence
Author Lily Yuriko Nakai Havey
Original Publisher University of Utah Press
Original Publication Date 2014
Pages 205
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Concentration camp memoir by a Nisei artist. Ten years old at the time of the wartime incarceration, Lily Yuriko Nakai Havey was sent to Santa Anita Assembly Center and Amache with her older brother and Issei parents. Evolving from captions that accompanied displays of the author's postwar paintings, Gasa Gasa Girl intersperses stories of life in the camps with recollections of happier days with her parents, brother, and aunts in Hollywood, California, before the war. The book is illustrated by twenty-eight color reproductions of her watercolor paintings that depict both her external and internal lives during the war, as well as a like number of family photographs, archival photographs, and photographs of key objects mentioned in the text. Published by the University of Utah Press, the book includes an foreword by historian Cherstin Lyon.

Authored by Brian Niiya, Densho

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Gasa Gasa Girl Goes to Camp at the University of Utah Press website.

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