Hidden Internment: The Art Shibayama Story (film)

Title Hidden Internment: The Art Shibayama Story
Date 2004
Genre Documentary
Director Casey Peek
Producer Irum Shiekh
Narrator Jennie Brick
Distributor Progressive Films
Runtime 27 minutes
IMDB Hidden Internment: The Art Shibayama Story

A 2004 documentary film about the life of Art Shibayama, a Japanese Peruvian who was forcibly taken from his home in Peru in 1944 when he was thirteen years old, and interned in a Department of Justice camp in Crystal City, Texas, for the duration of World War II. This film explores the lesser-known history of the Japanese Latin American detention, where over 2,000 Latin Americans were essentially kidnapped from their countries and interned in American government camps, to be used as political pawns between countries. Using first-person narrative and archival footage, the film shows how despite their traumatic experiences and wrongful treatment, Shibayama and other Latin Americans have been denied redress that was awarded to Japanese Americans in 1988 for their loss of civil liberties and forced wartime incarceration. Directed by Casey Peek and produced by Irum Shiekh.

Authored by Patricia Wakida

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Official website: http://www.peekmedia.com/hidden-internment.html.