Journey of Honor (film)

Title Journey of Honor
Date 2001
Director Stuart Yamane
Producer Stuart Yamane
Studio Hawaii Public Television
Runtime 55 minutes

Documentary film produced and directed by Stuart Yamane centering on a trip by a group of Hawai'i Nisei veterans of the 100th Infantry Battalion and 442nd Regimental Combat Team to Italy some fifty-five years after they fought there during World War II. In documenting the trip, Yamane reconnects with his late and estranged father Masakichi, a World War II veteran, who had served with some of the men on the trip. Led by columnist and military history buff Bob Jones, the trip includes stops at Pietrasanta, where they the men are honored in a Liberation Day ceremony and take part in the unveiling of a statue honoring Sadao Munemori; Mt. Fologorito, where they have a reunion with the Alpini, the Italian Mountain Corps who guided Allied troops; the American Cemetary and Memorial in Nettuno; and, finally, Monte Cassino, a mountain that was the site of one of their most difficult battles. Journey of Honor debuted at the 2001 Hawai'i International Film Festival and was first broadcast of public television station KHET on November 11, 2001. The film later won a regional Emmy Award.

Authored by Brian Niiya

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