Meeting at Tule Lake (film)

Title Meeting at Tule Lake
Date 1994
Genre Documentary
Director Scott T. Tsuchitani
Producer Scott T. Tsuchitani
Starring Hiroshi Kashiwagi (interviewee); Yosh Butsuda (interviewee); Kiku Funabiki (interviewee); Sadako Kashiwagi (interviewee); Mas Yamasaki (interviewee); Tsukasa Matsueda (interviewee); Wayne Osaki (interviewee)
Cinematography McCrae A. Parker; Tom Ahn
Editing McCrae A. Parker; Scott T. Tsuchitani
Studio Tule Lake Committee
Distributor Center for Asian American Media
Runtime 33 minutes

Documentary film produced and directed by Scott T. Tsuchitani that features interviews with seven former Tule Lake inmates talking about life in the camp, the "loyalty questionnaire" and segregation, and the importance of remembering, intercut with footage of poet Hiroshi Kashiwagi reading the title poem and of a Tule Lake Pilgrimage. Meeting at Tule Lake was produced by the Tule Lake Committee for the 1994 Tule Lake Pilgrimage.

Authored by Brian Niiya

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