One of Many (film)

Title One of Many
Date 2006
Director Bryan Yokomi
Producer Natalie Edwards
Writer Bryan Yokomi
Starring Roy Vongtama (George Miyamoto); Michael Yama (Kichiro Miyamoto); Candice Macalino (Emma Imada); Colin Yokomi (Kazuo Seto)
Music Alex Davis
Cinematography Mitch Fowler
Editing Sherwin Lau
Runtime 19 minutes
IMDB One of Many

Short dramatic film written and directed by Byron Yokomi centering on George Miyamoto, a young man at one of the Arkansas concentration camps facing major life decisions brought on by the loyalty questionnaire crisis. Yokomi made the film as an MFA student at Florida State University.

George (Roy Vongtama) discusses the key questions 27 and 28 of the questionnaire with his Issei father (Michael Yama) and with his fiancee, Emma Imada (Candace Macalino), an elementary school teacher in the camp. Both think he should answer yes to the loyalty questions. However a friend, Kazuo Seto (Colin Yokomi) urges him to attend a meeting where resistance to the questionnaire is urged; the group subsequently burns the questionnaire. George ultimately decides to answer "yes-yes" and to volunteer for the army. He also agrees to marry Emma in camp, something that he had been putting off.

Authored by Brian Niiya, Densho

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