Owens Valley (detention facility)

US Gov Name Owens Valley Reception Center
Facility Type Temporary Assembly Center
Administrative Agency Wartime Civil Control Administration
Location Manzanar, California (36.7333 lat, -118.0667 lng)
Date Opened March 21, 1942
Date Closed June 2, 1942
Population Description More than 90 percent were from the Los Angeles area; others were from Stockton, California, and Bainbridge Island, Washington.
General Description Located on the site that later became the WRA-run concentration camp Manzanar.
Peak Population 9,666
Exit Destination Manzanar
National Park Service Info

The Owens Valley Reception Center was one of two such facilities that augmented the fifteen " assembly centers " operated by the Wartime Civil Control Administration . In operation from March 21, 1942, Owens Valley was taken over by the War Relocation Authority on June 1, 1942 and became the so called " Manzanar Relocation Center." Unlike inmates taken to one of the assembly centers, inmates initially sent to Owens Valley did not have to move again to a more permanent War Relocation Authority camp.

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