Pilgrimage (film)

Title Pilgrimage
Date 2006
Director Tadashi Nakamura
Producer Karen L. Ishizuka; Tadashi Nakamura
Starring Osman Ahmed (interviewee); Yousef Baker (interviewee); Ronnie Bautista (interviewee); Sue Embrey (interviewee); Warren Furutani (interviewee); Nancy Hernandez (interviewee); June Kuramoto (interviewee); Sandy Maeshiro (interviewee); Robert A. Nakamura (interviewee); Mo Nishida (interviewee); Victor Shibata (interviewee)
Music Miles Senzaki
Cinematography Akira Boch; Masaki Miyagawa; Tadashi Nakamura; Eric Tandoc
Editing Tadashi Nakamura
Runtime 22 minutes

Documentary film that traces the origins of the first Manzanar pilgrimage in 1969 and links it to the 2005 pilgrimage and to efforts to uphold the rights of Arab and Muslim Americans after the 9/11 attacks in 2001. The film includes interviews with many of the organizers of the 1969 pilgrimage and archival footage and photographs of that event and of related events from that time. Directed and edited by Tadashi Nakamura, the film was a production of the Center for EthnoCommunications of the UCLA Asian American Studies Center in 2008. The film is dedicated to the memory of Sue Kunitomi Embrey, who passed away in 2006. It was funded in part by grants from the California Civil Liberties Public Education Fund, the UCLA in LA Center for Community Partnerships, the California Wellness Foundation, and the Center for Asian American Media.

Authored by Brian Niiya, Densho

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Official website: http://tadashinakamura.com/Tadashi_Nakamura/Pilgrimage.html.

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