Question 27, Question 28 (play)

Two-act documentary play by Chay Yew that was first produced in 2004. The play tells the story of the forced removal and incarceration of Japanese Americans from the West Coast and its aftermath through the voices of a variety of Japanese American and non-Japanese American women. All of the play's lines come from "interviews, transcripts and testimonials" by women who lived through that experience. The cast includes four characters, three Asian and one Caucasian, who read the lines, with the real life figure from whose testimony they come from first identified. Among the many women whose words are used are Yuri Kochiyama, Monica Sone, Mary Tsukamoto, Yoshiko Uchida, and many others, including some non-Japanese Americans such as teacher Eleanor Gerard Sekerak and Eleanor Roosevelt. The title of the play comes from two contentious questions on the so-called loyalty questionnaire administered to the Japanese American detainees in early 1943.

Commissioned by the Asian American Theater Company in San Francisco, the play premiered in February 2004, produced by the Mark Taper Forum in association with the Japanese American National Museum. It was also performed in Feb. 2006 at the National Museum of American History.

Authored by Brian Niiya, Densho

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