Remembering Manzanar (film)

Title Remembering Manzanar
Date 2004
Genre Documentary
Starring Dennis Bambauer; Sue Kunitomi Embrey; Frank Isamu Kikuchi; Henry Fukuhara; Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston; George Izumi; Archie Miyatake; Mary Nomura; Mas Okui; Bo T. Sakaguchi; Martha Shoaf; Hikoji Takeuchi; Robert C. Thomas; Jane Wehrey
Music Kazu and Keiko Matsui
Runtime 22 minutes
IMDB Remembering Manzanar

Introductory video at the Manzanar National Historic Site's Visitor Center. Commissioned by the National Park Service and produced by Signature Communications of Huntingtown, Maryland, in 2004, Remembering Manzanar provides a broad overview of the Japanese American wartime forced removal and incarceration based on interviews with a dozen former inmates, along with residents of the area around Manzanar and a teacher at Manzanar. None of the narrators are identified as they talk and none are pictured onscreen. Visuals consists entirely of archival still and moving images, including clips from newsreels and War Relocation Authority films along with home movies shot by inmates; period cartoons and caricatures; period artifacts; and contemporary footage of the Manzanar site. The 22-minute video is shown every half-hour at the Manzanar Visitor Center. No director, editor, or cinematographer is credited.

Authored by Brian Niiya

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