Resettlement to Redress: Rebirth of the Japanese-American Community (film)

Title Resettlement to Redress: Rebirth of the Japanese-American Community
Date 2005
Genre Documentary
Producer Donald Young
Narrator Jan Yanehiro
Starring Doris Matsui (interviewee); Iddy Asada (interviewee); John Fuyuume (interviewee); Karen Ishizuka (interviewee); Nick Nagatani (interviewee); Robert Nakamura (interviewee); Daniel K. Inouye (interviewee); Georgette Imura (interviewee); John Tateishi (interviewee); Kiyo Fujiu (interviewee); Pat Amino (interviewee); Norman Mineta (interviewee); Roy Doi (interviewee); Victor Shibata (interviewee);
Cinematography Rich Enos
Studio KVIE TV, Sacramento, California
Runtime 55 minutes

Hour-long documentary film produced by Don Young for KVIE television in Sacramento that looks at the Japanese American experience after World War II from the resettlement period to the Redress Movement. Among the topics covered are leaving the camps; resettlement inland in places like Chicago and Seabrook Farms, New Jersey; the drive to blend in and succeed and the rise of the "model minority" stereotype; the "Revolution of 1954" in Hawai'i and the electoral politics in the continental U.S.; 1960s social movements; camp pilgrimages; and the rise and culmination of the movement for redress. In addition to interviews and historic photos, the film includes footage from the hearing of the Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians (CWRIC). Jan Yanehiro served as the narrator.

Resettlement to Redress was commissioned by KVIE, with station General Manager David Hosley wanting to focus on a part of the Japanese American wartime story that had not been told before. KVIE also produced a viewer's guide to the program that includes lessons to be used with middle school and high school students. Funding for the program was provided by grants from the Henry and Tomoye Takahashi Charitable Foundation, Adrian and Monica Yeung Arima, and members of KVIE.

Authored by Brian Niiya

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