The 442nd: Duty, Honor and Loyalty (film)

Title The 442nd: Duty, Honor & Loyalty
Date 1998
Producer John Dobovan
Writer John Dobovan
Narrator John Dobovan
Studio Bungei Shunju Ltd.
Distributor Video Rights Corp.
Runtime 71 minutes

Documentary film on the 442nd Regimental Combat Team. The 442nd: Duty, Honor & Loyalty is a English language version of a 1996 Japanese language documentary produced by Bungei Shunju, Ltd. titled Amerika Dai-442 Hohei Rentai: Nikkei Niseitachi no Dainijin Seikai Taisen. The English language script was by John Dobovan, who also narrated.

The 442nd is built around archival and newsreel footage augmented by contemporary footage of the area around Bruyeres, France, a town liberated by the 442nd and that has a memorial commemorating the 442nd. Nisei veterans Stanley M. Akita, Jesse Hirata, Kenneth K. Kaneko, Robert T. Sato, and Sakae Takahashi are interviewed in the film, as are five unidentified residents of Bruyeres.

Authored by Brian Niiya