The Idaho Homefront: Of Camps and Combat (film)

Title The Idaho Homefront: Of Camps and Combat
Date 2007
Genre Documentary
Director Alberto Moreno (producer); Bruce Reichert (executive producer)
Producer Jim Peck
Writer Jim Peck
Narrator Sue Galligan
Starring Hero Shiosaki (interviewee); Roy Gikui (interviewee); Robert Sims (interviewee); Bethine Church (interviewee); Fumiko Hayashida (interviewee); Toshi Ito (interviewee)
Cinematography Alberto Moreno
Editing Alberto Moreno
Runtime 30 minutes

Documentary video written and produced by Jim Peck for Idaho Public Television that tells the story of the Minidoka camp in Idaho and of Japanese Americans who served in World War II from Idaho, both those in Minidoka and those born and raised in Idaho. The show was a follow up to an earlier documentary by Peck titled The Idaho Homefront: World War II that had included a mention of Minidoka and of the 442nd. Narrated by Sue Galligan, and featuring interviews with Hero Shiosaki, Roy Gikui, Robert Sims, Bethine Church, Fumiko Hayashida, and Toshi Ito. Funding for the show came in part from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, WETA Public Broadcasting, and from Wal-Mart. The half-hour show premiered on Idaho public television stations on September 20, 2007.

Authored by Brian Niiya

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