The Gate of Heaven (play)

Play by Lane Nishikawa and Victor Talmadge about the lifelong friendship between a Nisei who helped liberate a Nazi death camp as a member of the 522nd Field Artillery Battalion and a Holocaust survivor. The main characters, Kiyoshi "Sam" Yamamoto and Leon Ehrlich, are based on the lives of the playwrights' fathers. The play begins in April 1945 and follows the two men over the course of their lives. It was first produced at the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego on March 5, 1996. Nishikawa adapted the play into a short dramatic film titled When We Were Warriors, Part I, which he directed and starred in alongside Talmadge.

Authored by Brian Niiya, Densho

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Nishikawa, Lane, and Victor Talmadge. "The Gate of Heaven." In Asian American Drama: 9 Plays from the Multiethnic Landscape. Edited by Brian Nelson. New York: Applause Theatre Book Publishers, 1997. 157–208.