Unforgettable Face (film)

Title Unforgettable Face
Date 1993
Genre Documentary
Director Nicole Newnham
Producer Nicole Newnham
Distributor Center for Asian American Media
Runtime 13 minutes

Short documentary film on the reunion between Yanina Cywinska, a Nazi death camp prisoner, and one of her Japanese American liberators, George Oiye, forty years later. Produced and directed by Nicole Newnham, Unforgettable Face was among the first films to document the role Nisei members of the 522nd Field Artillery Battalion played in the liberation of sub-camps of the Dachau death camp. The film screened at the Sundance Film Festival in 1994.

Authored by Brian Niiya

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Unforgettable Face on Center for Asian American Media website. http://dev.caamedia.org/films/unforgettable-face/.