Visible Target (film)

Title Visible Target
Date 1985
Genre Documentary
Producer Cris Anderson; John de Graaf; KCTS
Writer Cris Anderson; John de Graaf
Narrator Anne Ludlam
Music Lise Mann; Neal Meyer; Matthew Breckmeyer
Cinematography Tom Speer
Editing Cris Anderson; John de Graaf
Runtime 28 minutes
IMDB Visible Target

Documentary film on the forced removal of Japanese Americans from Bainbridge Island, Washington. Cris Anderson and John de Graaf produced Visible Target in 1985 for Seattle public television station KCTS, making it one of the earliest documentaries to tackle the exclusion and incarceration of Japanese Americans. The film also profiles Walt and Milly Woodward of the Bainbridge Review, among the only West Coast journalists who opposed the treatment of Japanese Americans and features interviews with them.

Authored by Brian Niiya

For More Information

Corry, John. "'Visible Target,' on Nisei Internment." New York Times, August 6, 1986.