Winter in My Soul (film)

Title Winter in My Soul
Date 1986
Producer Bob Nellis
Writer Bob Nellis
Starring Tetsuo Sugimoto (interviewee); Elsie King (interviewee); Bill Hosokawa (interviewee); Clarence Matsumura (interviewee); Frank Emi (interviewee); John Corbett (interviewee); Chester Blackburn (interviewee); Mary Ruth Blackburn (interviewee); Toy Nitake (interviewee)
Cinematography Jana Burkhalter
Editing Dan Davis
Studio KTWO News, Casper, Wyoming
Runtime 60 minutes

Documentary film about Heart Mountain produced by KTWO, a commercial TV station based in Casper, Wyoming. Produced in 1986, it was one of the first to focus on a specific camp and was notable for including the story of the draft resistance movement at Heart Mountain. The title comes from a poem written by Heart Mountain inmate Miyuki Aoyama and published in the camp newspaper, the Heart Mountain Sentinel.

Authored by Brian Niiya, Densho