Yankee Samurai (film)

Title Yankee Samurai
Date 1985
Director Katriel Schory
Producer Ludi Boeken
Writer Katriel Schory
Cinematography Daniel Schneor
Editing Naomi Press-Aviram
Studio Belbo Film Productions in association with Telemedia, Ltd
Distributor MPI Home Video
Runtime 50 minutes

Israeli produced film on the exploits of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team told through archival footage, interviews, and contemporary footage of battle locations, including scenes of veterans returning to the Vosges Mountains in France for the unveiling of a monument. The 50-minute film was written and directed by Katriel Schory. Film historian Glen M. Mimura refers to it as one of "the two most prominent internment documentaries of the 1980s," along with Loni Ding's The Color of Honor.[1]

Authored by Brian Niiya


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