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    "body": "<html><body><div id=\"databox-Plays\" style=\"display:none;\">\n<p>Name:Station J;\nFirstDate:1981-10-01;\nFinalDate:;\nLocation:East West Players, Los Angeles;\nWriter:Richard France;\nDirector:Mako; Alberto Isaac;\nProducer:;\nCreative:;\nTechnical:;\nCharacters:;\nWebsite:;\nPlaybillLink:;\nIBDBID:;\nIODBID:;\nTheatricaliaID:;\nPublisher:;\nPubDate:;\nCurrentPublisher:;\nCurrentPubDate:;\n</p>\n</div>\n<div class=\"rgonly\">\n<!--\"rgdatabox-CoreDisplay\" removed-->\n<div id=\"rgdatabox-Core\" style=\"display:none;\">\n<p>RGMediaType:plays;\nTitle:Station J;\nCreators:;\nInterestLevel:;\nReadingLevel:;\nGuidedReadingLevel:;\nLexile:;\nTheme:;\nGenre:;\nPoV:;\nRelatedEvents:;\nAvailability:;\nFreeWebVersion:No;\nPrimarySecondary:;\nHasTeachingAids:No;\nWarnings:;\nDenshoTopic:;\nGeography:;\nChronology:;\nFacility:;\n</p>\n</div>\n</div>\n<p>Epic three-hour play by Richard France on the wartime exclusion, incarceration, and return of the Shigeta family told in three acts, each consisting of six scenes and a prologue and a epilogue. The play was part of the 1981–82 seasons of both East West Players in Los Angeles and the Pan Asian Repertory Theater in New York; both Asian American theater companies devoted that season to plays on the Japanese American World War II incarceration.\n</p><p>The Shigeta family includes Issei patriarch Chiyoji Shigeta, a noted breeder of roses; matriarch Yuki, who runs the household; two sons, Taro and Kenji, and a daughter, Emiko, who live with the family; and another son, Michael, who has enlisted in the army prior to the war. Act 1 covers their forced removal, Act 2 takes place at <a class=\"encyc notrg\" href=\"\" title=\"Jerome\">Jerome</a>, where the family has been incarcerated, and Act 3 includes <a class=\"encyc notrg\" href=\"\" title=\"Resettlement\">resettlement</a> and their journey back to a ransacked home and business in California after Michael has been killed fighting in Europe with the <a class=\"encyc notrg\" href=\"\" title=\"442nd Regimental Combat Team\">442nd Regimental Combat Team</a>. The epilogue takes place at the dedication of the Peace Plaza in San Francisco Nihonmachi in 1968.\n</p>\n<div id=\"authorByline\"><b>Authored by <a class=\"encyc notrg\" href=\"\" title=\"Brian Niiya\">Brian Niiya</a>, Densho</b></div>\n<div id=\"citationAuthor\" style=\"display:none;\">Niiya, Brian</div>\n<div id=\"RelatedArticlesDisplay\">\n<h2><span class=\"mw-headline\" id=\"Related_Articles\">Related Articles</span></h2>\n<p>\n</p>\n<div id=\"RelatedArticlesSectionDisplay\">\n<h3><span class=\"mw-headline\" id=\"\"></span></h3>\n<p>\n</p>\n<ul><li> <a class=\"encyc notrg\" href=\"\" title=\"Plays on incarceration\">Plays on incarceration</a></li></ul>\n</div>\n</div>\n<br/>\n<h2><span class=\"mw-headline\" id=\"For_More_Information\">For More Information</span></h2>\n<p>Colborn-Roxworthy, Emily. \"Trading 'Earnest Drama' for Prophecy: Performing Japanese American Internment after 9/11.\" <i>Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism</i> 20.2 (Spring 2006): 25–48.\n</p><p>\"<a class=\"external text offsite\" href=\"\" rel=\"nofollow\">Finding Aid for the East West Players Records, 1965–1992</a>.\" Charles E. Young Research Library, University of California, Los Angeles.\n</p><p>Imamura, Peter. \"Theater Review: East West's 'Station J.'\" <i>Pacific Citizen</i>, Oct. 9, 1981, 3.\n</p><p>Kurahashi, Yuko. <i>Asian American Culture on Stage: The History of the East West Players</i>. New York: Garland Publishing, Inc., 1999.\n</p><p>Morioka-Steffens, Tamayo Irene. \"Asian Pacific American Identities: An Historical Perspective Through the Theatre Productions of the East West Players, 1965 to 2000. Ph.D. dissertation, Claremont Graduate School, 2003.\n</p>\n<!-- \nNewPP limit report\nCPU time usage: 0.072 seconds\nReal time usage: 0.079 seconds\nPreprocessor visited node count: 242/1000000\nPreprocessor generated node count: 1693/1000000\nPost‐expand include size: 2905/2097152 bytes\nTemplate argument size: 191/2097152 bytes\nHighest expansion depth: 4/40\nExpensive parser function count: 0/100\nExtLoops count: 0/100\n-->\n<!-- Saved in parser cache with key mediawiki:pcache:idhash:2511-0!*!0!!*!*!* and timestamp 20180116204721 and revision id 23781\n -->\n<div class=\"toplink\"><a href=\"#top\"><i class=\"icon-chevron-up\"></i> Top</a></div></body></html>",
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