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100th Infantry Battalion

100th Infantry Battalion training

Original caption: Japanese-Americans in Army Train to Avenge Pearl Harbor: 100th Infantry Battalion Officers and some of the enlisted men are of Japanese ancestry. American citizens, born in the Hawaiian Islands of unquestioned loyalty and patriotism. Formerly part of the Hawaiian National Guard: S/Sgt. Harry Mijamoto, who was a ...
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Nisei soldier in battle

Original caption: Near Montenerro, Italy. Kookuro Moriguchi, an American of Japanese descent, 100th Inf. Bn., Honolulu, Hawaii, fires his M-1 into hills reported active with German snipers. The mortar bursts appear on the hill skyline in the distance. 7 August 1944. [The correct spelling of the location is Montenero.]
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Nisei soldier receiving the Bronze Star

Original caption: Tokyo, Japan. Lt. Kiyoshi Kitagawa, Tech. Intelligence Det., GHQ-FEC, of Minneapolis, Minn., is awarded the bronze star medal by Brig. Gen. C.A. Willoughby, G-2, assistant Chief of Staff, at a ceremony in the Dai Ichi Bldg. The award is made for exemplary conduct while serving with the ...
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Reactivation ceremony

Original caption: Kahului, Maui. At an impressive military ceremony on the Kahului Fair Grounds, Lt. Col. Harry G. Albright, CO, 442nd Inf. Regt., congratulate: Capt. Sadami Katahara, CO, Company F, 442nd Inf. Regt., which was reactivated as an organized reserve unit. Looking on are, L. to R., Major Henry Kawano ...
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Nisei soldier writing a letter

Original caption: Pfc. Larry Imamura, of Kehaha, Kauai, Hawaii, a Japanese-American with the 442nd Combat Team of the 100th Infantry Bn., in bivouac in the Charmois area of France, writes a letter before meeting the Germans on the front lines for the first time. U.S. Seventh Army. 10/22 ...
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Medals and awards

Bronze Star presentation ceremony

Front row (L to R): Lt. Roy Nakada, unknown, T/Sgt Roy Matsumoto, unknown, unknown, Lt. George Nakamura, S/Sgt. John Morozumi. Back row: All are unknown.
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 68, No. 16 (April 18, 1969)

Select article titles: "Inouye Paints Grim Picture of A-bomb Race" (p. 1); " Reagan to help dedicate Issei plaque" (p. 1); "Oriental Studies at Fresno State Slated for Fall" (p.3); "UC Berkeley commends Asian Studies 100% re-offered for spring quarter; continuation class also slated" (p.4).
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Soldiers at a train station

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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 51, No. 20 (Novemeber 11, 1960)

Select article titles: "Wash. Alien land law repeal defeated" (p.1); "San Diego Issei challenged at poll, refused ballot because of literacy test" (p.1); "Army Reserve to Dedicate Hall to Nisei GI Hero" (p.8)
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Nisei soldier's Purple Heart

Purple Heart awarded Minoru Tsubota, Warrant Officer (Junior Grade), 442nd Regimental Combat Team. Combat wounded in Cerebia, Italy, Aug. 24, 1944.
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