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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 103, No. 6 (August 8, 1986)

Selected article titles: "Hawaii Has Too Many AJA Teachers and Administrators, Committee Concludes" (p. 1), "Anti-Asian Violence" (p. 6), "Nikkei Parenting" (pp. 6-7), and "U.S./Japan Relations" (pp. 7-8).
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Tokio Hirotaka - Toshio Ito - Joe Matsuzawa Segment 14

Issei family and community values
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Akiko Kurose Interview II Segment 1

Positive memories of childhood

Mrs. Kurose was undergoing treatment for cancer and required frequent breaks and medication to help her with pain management.
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Okinawan mother and child

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Three Nisei children in Phoenix, Arizona

Caption by Ike Hatchimonji: "Phoenix, Arizona. Mike and Ike with friend Teruko Yoshiga."
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Japanese American family preparing for the journey to the Pomona Assembly Center

Caption by Ike Hatchimonji: "May 1942 - El Monte, California - In front of family store. Hatchimonji family about to leave for the Pomona Assembly Center then the WRA camp at Heart Mountain, Wyoming. L-R: Tasuke Ike, Megumi Mike, Kumezo father, Nobue mother, and daughter Gloria, wearing the family ID tags."
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Family portrait

(Clockwise, from left) Unknown Yamamura, unknown Yamamura nee Taniguchi (wife), unknown Yamamura (son), Taieko Yamamura. Caption on Post-it: "Yamamura, dau. of Renzo's sister Shizu, Taieko (beautiful daughter), son."
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Shikie Kihara

A woman wearing a sailor-style shirt. Caption on Post-it: "Shikie Kihara (half-sister) mar. Shimazu."
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Taniguchi family

(Front row, left to right) Masaji Okura, Kosuye Okura, Jeanne (surname unknown), Ferry Hiroko Taniguchi nee Okura, Fred Wataru Taniguchi. (Back row, left to right) Alice Setsuko Taniguchi, Robert Iwao Taniguchi, Joanne (surname unknown), Sherry (surname unknown). Caption on Post-it: "Taniguchi Family: Alice, Bob, Joanne, Sherry; Grandpa & Grandma Okura; Jeanne; Mom ...
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Michie Taniguchi

A woman standing in front of foliage, wearing a kimono, tabi, and geta. Caption on Post-it: "Michie Taniguchi (Tadashi's oldest daughter)."
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