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Civil rights

Letter from Larry Tajiri to Margaret Anderson, editor of Common Ground

Larry Tajiri responding to Margaret Anderson's proposal to write a new piece on the Japanese American situation at the end of 1943. He also discusses the work of Elmer R. Smith and Barron B. Beshoar.
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 53, No. 24 (December 15, 1961)

Selected article titles: "Washington Newsletter: American Image of Japan" (p. 1), "Final Report of U.S. Civil Rights Commission Urges All Branches of Government to Exert More Effort and Leadership Against Bias" (p. 1), "American Legion Press Release Recalls Hysteria Against Nisei in Pearl Harbor Feature; Tells of Heroism and ...
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 70, No. 14 (April 10, 1970)

Selected article titles: "Elks membership storm smolders" (p. 1), "Descendants in U.S. Negro" (p. 1), "Nisei prof criticizes American attitudes about environment" (p. 1), "Hawaii judge overturns divorce law requiring one-year residency in state" (p. 1), "U.S. Supreme Court accepts plea over voter literacy requirement" (p. 3), "Brazilians ...
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Japs Must Leave City Next Week (April 21, 1942)

The Seattle Daily Times, April 21, 1942, pp. 1, 4
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Japs Here May Be Sent to Idaho (April 24, 1942)

The Seattle Daily Times, April 24, 1942, p. 3
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Buddhist Convention

Black and white photographic negative of large crowd of Buddhists gathered outside Collin's Field House in Seattle, Washington for a Buddhist convention. Reverends seated in front row from left to right: Reverend Seiji Kobara from Seattle, Reverend Shoko Masunaga, Reverend Akira Jotetsu Ono, Reverend Tatsuya Ichikawa, Reverend Bishop Kenryu ...
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Primary education

Elementary school class

Front row (left to right): Akira Sakuma, unidentified, Masakatsu (Bear) Omoto, unidentified, unidentified, Shig Moritani, and Peter Ohtaki. Second row: Toshio Chihara, unidentified, Toshio Terashita, Masa Chihara, George Terashita, unidentified, unidentified, and unidentified. Third row: unidentified, unidentified, Yae Yamashita, unidentified, unidentified, Elsie Amatatsu, and Michi Yamashita. The teacher is unidentified.
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2nd grade class photo, Central School

Caption: "Keiko."
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Cross-racial relations

Northwest Enterprise article: "The housing conditions confronting the negro occupants of Japanese hotels..."

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The Crisis article: "Negroes and Japanese Evacuees"

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