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Civil rights

Letter from Larry Tajiri to Margaret Anderson, editor of Common Ground

Larry Tajiri responding to Margaret Anderson's proposal to write a new piece on the Japanese American situation at the end of 1943. He also discusses the work of Elmer R. Smith and Barron B. Beshoar.
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 43, No. 24 (December 14, 1956)

Selected article titles: "Semi-Gov't Japan Agency to Step Up Temporary Farm Laborers Program" (p. 1), "Annual immigration quota for Japan may be raised to 563" (p. 1), "Urge middle ground in current textile, quota controversy" (p. 2), "Tokyoite answers Keyes Beech's article on Japanese indifferentism to communism" (p ...
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 42, No. 21 (May 25, 1956)

Selected article titles: "Major JACL Legislative Aim Met as Bill on Use of Mongolian Labor Signed" (p. 1), "Judge Goodman Suggests JACL Change Name by Dropping 'Japanese'" (p. 1), "Claims Bill Consideration in Senate Held Up" (p. 1), "Milwaukee Sansei named to student goodwill study tour" (p. 1), "Hawaii land ...
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Dillon Myer, Wartime Relocation Director, to address national JACL convention

Press release announcing Dillon Myer's address at the JACL's 17th Biennial National Convention in Seattle, Washington. It recognizes Myer as a "champion of human rights and decency" and outlines his post-war employment.
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JACL 17th Biennial National Convention invitation

Letter of invitation for Japanese American Citizens League members to attend their 17th Biennial National Convention in Seattle, Washington.
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Letter of congratulations to Joe Hamanaka from Jim Matsuoka

Letter from James M. Matsuoka awarding Joe Hamanaka with a savings bond as reward for submitting the winning JACL 17th Biennial Convention theme.
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Primary education

Elementary school class

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School Portrait

Written on back of photograph "1958" and written beneath the photograph in the photo album "2" for second grade.
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Cross-racial relations

The Crisis article: "Negroes and Japanese Evacuees"

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Northwest Enterprise article: "The housing conditions confronting the negro occupants of Japanese hotels..."

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