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Family on their farm

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Celery harvesting

This issei-run celery field was located at North 100th Street and Meridian in Seattle.
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Aerial photograph of Union Bay farms

This photograph shows the area of Seattle, Washington which is currently known as the University District. What used to be Issei-operated Union Bay farms is now an upscale shopping mall. Issei farmers grew vegetables on this land which were sold at the Public Market and produce wholesale houses.
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 88, No. 2028 (February 2, 1979)

Selected article titles: "Tight-Spending Pressure Still Straps JACL Programming" (pp. 1-2 ), "First Friday Feature: Moving Day, 1918" (pp. 3, 10), "Chiaroscuro: Politics: A Matter of Heritage" (p. 6), and "Japan Decorates Issei Master Teaching Ikebana for 57 Years" (p. 8).
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 102, No. 23 (June 13, 1986)

Selected article titles: "Request for Redress Support Gets Results" (pp. 1, 10), "Canadian Redress Plan Submitted" (pp. 1, 12), and "Talk on Seabrook Farms Slated" (p. 3).
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Support from the non-Japanese American community

Chiyoko Yagi Interview Segment 18

Being visited in camp by non-Japanese friends from home
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 94, No. 9 (March 5, 1982)

Selected article titles: "Nisei Veteran Wins Honorable Army Discharge After 36 Years" (p. 1), "'Day of Remembrance' in 1982: WW2 Aid of Quakers Recalled" (p. 1), "Redress Phase 3: JACL's Redress Ambassador Min" (p. 2), and "Trust Fund for Redress Seen as Breech of Faith" (p. 6).
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Paul Nagano Segment 10

Efforts of Caucasian Christian churches to support Japanese Americans in concentration camps
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Walt Woodward Segment 1

Speaking out against the Japanese American incarceration as a newspaper publisher
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Mitsuye May Yamada - Joe Yasutake - Tosh Yasutake Interview Segment 65

Receiving some visitors in camp, work friends of father's
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