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Young Nisei woman playing the piano

Michi Yasui at the piano.
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Ottawa University Choir

Photo from page of "Scrapbook: Postmarks, 1947-48". Ottawa University Choir; Tsuguo "Ike" Ikeda is in the second row from the top, fourth from the left.
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Opera singer Tosciko Hasegawa

Signature on photograph: "Hasegawa Toshiko [in Japanese]. Mila 1945." Caption on front: "Tosciko [a.k.a. Toshiko] Hasegawa. (Nedda) in 'Pagliacci'." Caption in album: "Hasegawa was stuck in Italy during the war. She married Italian. Opera singer. Milan 1945."
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Sue Takimoto Okabe Segment 16

Civic work and current involvement with Jive Bombers Christmas performance
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Sue Takimoto Okabe Segment 9

"It hurts, but you don't show it," facing racist audiences while singing and traveling with USO
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 44, No. 22 (May 31, 1957)

Select article titles: "House Approves Supplemental Appropriations Bill to Pay 1,300 Claimants over $1,600,000 By Summer" (p. 1); "YWCA director who befriended Japanese in Salt Lake during war years to retire" (p. 1); "Renunciants urged to file Form N-576 as soon as possible to secure administrative review ...
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 45, No. 17 (October 25, 1957)

Select article titles: "Col. Rasmussen recalls Gettysburg speech at Arlington rites for Nisei war dead" (p. 1); "Supreme court hears arguments on nishikawa citizenship case" (p. 1); "No need of mass evacuation in wartime in future, Myer says" (p. 3); Canadian Nisei protest filming of anti-Nisei film over upstate new ...
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 103, No. 7 (August 15, 1986)

Selected article titles: "Chicago-Area Republican Persuaded to Support House Redress Legislation" (p. 1), "Figures Released on Asian Elderly" (pp. 1, 8), "Oral History of JA Farmer Published" (pp 3, 5), and "From the Frying Pan: Stamping Out Slurs" (p. 5).
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 45, No. 13 (September 27, 1957)

Select article titles: "Author Gwen Terasaki Urges Nisei Serve As U.S.-Japan 'Bridge'" (p. 1); "Japanese request for continuing U.S. importation of temporary farm workers hinges on special gov't survey; no decision yet" (p. 1); "Justice Dep't okays 72 claims in August" (p. 2); "Formation of ...
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 45, No. 16 (October 18, 1957)

Select article titles: "JACL in fight for right of association NAACP issue before U.S. Supreme Court to rule on basic rights of organizations" (p. 1); "Farm Laborers Being Returned, Refuse Contract" (p. 1); "Death of JACL leader Harry Miyake cited as example for Social Security benefits; family to get ...
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