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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 44, No. 10 (March 8, 1957)

Select article titles: "Salt Lake bids for 1958 convention 15th Biennial may be co-sponsored by Mt. Olympus; dates not yet announced" (p. 1); Over $250,000 Awarded for Claims in Jan." (p. 1); "L.A. race relations progress in Look" (p. 1); "Repatriates Denied Right to Sue for Vested Property Return" (p. ...
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 44, No. 19 (May 10, 1957)

Select article titles: "Continuation of Japanese Farm Labor Held Likely by Hillings" (p. 1); "San Diegans urge elimination of Fuzz Young Story" (p. 1); "'Golden Reel' prize awarded to Nisei" (p. 1); "Against farm labor program but for higher Japan quota" (p. 1); "Seven months remain for 'illegally admitted' aliens ...
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 44, No. 22 (May 31, 1957)

Select article titles: "House Approves Supplemental Appropriations Bill to Pay 1,300 Claimants over $1,600,000 By Summer" (p. 1); "YWCA director who befriended Japanese in Salt Lake during war years to retire" (p. 1); "Renunciants urged to file Form N-576 as soon as possible to secure administrative review of validity of ...
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 44, No. 9 (March 1, 1957)

Selected article titles: "Noted Oregonians Honored for Wartime Service to Nisei, JACL" (p. 1); Bill Hosokawa Promoted Post's Exec. News Ed" (p. 1); Shonien 'red carp,' JACL 'pinwheel' on L.A. museum exhibit" (p. 1); No. Calif. Japanese Americans launch $5,000 campaign for Immigration Museum" (p. 1); "Issei, Nisei, Sansei...Sensei" (p. ...
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 45, No. 17 (October 25, 1957)

Select article titles: "Col. Rasmussen recalls Gettysburg speech at Arlington rites for Nisei war dead" (p. 1); "Supreme court hears arguments on nishikawa citizenship case" (p. 1); "No need of mass evacuation in wartime in future, Myer says" (p. 3); Canadian Nisei protest filming of anti-Nisei film over upstate new ...
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Japantown after mass removal

Japanese Americans were given little time to take care of their personal and business affairs once the exclusion orders were posted. Many businesses were either permanently closed or boarded-up for the duration of World War II. Shown here is 602 to 612 Jackson Street in Seattle's Nihonmachi, or Japantown.
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Crops No Bar to Jap Ouster (April 15, 1942)

The Seattle Daily Times, April 15, 1942, p. 15
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The Northwest Times Vol. 2 No. 99 (December 1, 1948)

"CARE Textile Packages Delivered to Assist Needy Japanese" (p. 1), "Claims Queries and Answers" (p. 1), "Local JACL Chapter Plans to Tell Means to Service Claims Forms at Meeting" (p. 1).
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The Northwest Times Vol. 3 No. 53 (July 2, 1949)

"Poetess Depicts Mass Evacuation of B.C. Japanese" (p. 1), "Otoshi Describes Experiences at Evergreen Boys' State" (p. 1).
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The Northwest Times Vol. 3 No. 46 (June 8, 1949)

"Canadian Pastor Impressed by Economic Recovery of Japanese on West Coast" (p. 1).
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