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Denson Tribune (Jerome)

Denson Tribune Vol. I No. 20 (May 7, 1943)

Selected article titles: "Mechanics May Soon Work in East" (p. 1), "Aliens Permitted to Hold Elective Posts" (p. 1), "Evacuees Can Aid: Resettlement" (p. 2), "Former Center Resident Describes His Experiences in Chicago, Ill." (p. 4), "Record Number of Residents Leave Center. Average Weekly Departures Here Doubled When 53 Go" …
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Denson Communique No. 12 (November 26, 1942)

Selected article titles: "Women Work on Landscaping Job" (p. 1), "Administrators' Homes Started" (p. 1), "'Democracy' Means More Today" (p. 2), "Hospital Blaze Causes Excitement" (p. 2), "Fair Practices Group to Promote Work Harmony" (p. 3), "Drinking Water Should be Boiled" (p. 3), "'Little Bit of Hawaii in Arkansas'" (p. …
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Denson Tribune Vol. I No. 30 (June 11, 1943)

Selected article titles: "Hostel Opened in Chicago by Old Japanese Residents" (p. 1), "WRA Farm Head Says: Diet of Evacuees Will Depend on Local Crop" (p. 1), "Nisei Have: A Record to Maintain" (p. 2), "Mess Hall 18 Considered Best Kitchen" (p. 4), "No Discrimination Policy Reaffirmed by President" (p. …
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Denson Communique No. 34 (February 5, 1943)

Selected article titles: "General Registration Opens. Signup Begins Next Week for All Evacuees, 17 Years and Over" (p. 1), "Army Should be Truly American -- Not Segregate Nisei Soldiers" (p. 2), "Plans to Employ 10,000 Nisei Outside Announced" (p. 3).
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Denson Tribune Vol. I No. 60 (September 24, 1943)

Selected article titles: "Tuleans to Arrive Today or Tomorrow. Approximately 1000 Expected to be Inducted over Weekend" (p. 1), "If Planning to Relocate, See the Leaves Office" (p. 1), "Others Suffer Discrimination, Too" (p. 2).
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Denson Tribune Vol. I No. 41 (July 20, 1943)

Selected article titles: "WRA Segregation Meeting Called. Center Officials to Attend Denver Conference Next Week" (p. 1), "Repatriation Requests Filed" (p. 1), "Relocation: We Don't Want Pity" (p. 2), "Where Lumber is Cut for Apartments" (p. 3), "'I Am an American'. Tots Show Patriotism" (p. 3), "Explosives Regulation" (p. 4).
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Denson Communique No. 11 (November 24, 1942)

Selected article titles: "New Evacuees Arrive Here" (p. 1), "No Social Phoning" (p. 1), "Local Laundry Opens Today" (p. 1), "Barbershop, Shoe Repairing Planned" (p. 1), "Material Available for Judo Outfits" (p. 2), "Lack of Materials Delays Plumbing Installations" (p. 2), "Poston Has 'Disturbance'" (p. 3), "Cutting, Distributing of Fuel …
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Denson Tribune Vol. I No. 12 (April 9, 1943)

Selected article titles: "Property Office Will be Opened. Evacuees to Receive Help on Problems" (p. 1), "Vacant Lots to be Made into Recreational Areas" (p. 1), "Medicine Bottles: Hospital Needs Them" (p. 2), "Fish Eat Mosquito Eggs" (p. 3), "Jerome, Rohwer Councils Hold Joint Gathering" (p. 6).
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Denson Tribune Vol. I No. 65 (October 12, 1943)

Selected article titles: "Relocation Men Discuss Opportunities. Women Urged to Discuss Problems" (p. 1), "'Real Americans: Are Made, Not Born'" (p. 2), "Elderly Man Dies in Woods" (p. 4), "Used Electric Irons and New Fans Now on Sale" (p. 4).
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Denson Communique No. 20 (December 22, 1942)

Selected article titles: "O Come, All Ye Faithful: Carolers to Sing on Christmas Eve" (p. 1), "Toys Arrive from 30 States" (p. 1), "Outside Work May be Had Now" (p. 1), "More Gypsum Wall Boards Arrive Here" (p. 1), "Fruits In. Stores Come Long Ways" (p. 3).
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