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Granada Pioneer

Camp newspaper staff

This is the Granada Pioneer newspaper staff. The man wearing a hat in the center of the group is the newspaper's editor, Oski Taniwaki.
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Granada Pioneer Vol. I No. 49 (March 20, 1943)

Selected article titles: "Vocational Training Courses to be Given" (p. 1), "124 Volunteers Enlist in Nisei Combat Unit" (p. 1), "Los Angeles Area has Raid Alert" (p. 3), "Negroes Move into Lil' Tokyo" (p. 3), "Nisei Arrested in Bay Area" (p. 3).
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Granada Pioneer Vol. II No. 25 (January 29, 1944)

Selected article titles: "Aliens Must Notify Change of Address" (p. 1), "WRA to be Placed Under Ickes's Jurisdiction" (p. 1), "Evacuee Property Policy Revisions Recommended" (p. 1), "Hints of Violence Force Nisei Wife to Move" (p. 2), "Evacuees Develop Bread-Line Complex" (p. 6).
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Granada Pioneer Vol. III No. 8 (November 26, 1944)

Selected article titles: "Nisei Casualties Reach 262: Include Those in Relocation Centers Only" (p. 1), "No Relaxing of West Coast Restrictions" (p. 1), "Editorial: Matter of Judgment" (p. 2), "Movement for Army Control" (p. 3), "Draft Evader Gets 3 Years" (p. 3), "Permit Nisei Return in Cases of Special Merit ...
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Granada Pioneer Vol. I No. 22 (January 9, 1943)

Selected article titles: "Fanslan Reports: Amache Teachers Do Well at Navy School" (p. 1), "Meetings at Mess Halls Limited. Clearances Necessary" (p. 3), "WRA Establishes New Official Storehouse" (p. 5).
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Granada Pioneer Vol. I No. 47 (March 13, 1943)

Selected article titles: "Recruits to Travel Light" (p. 1), "Naturalization Bill Introduced in House" (p. 1), "Not a Racial War" (p. 2), "Gate Crashers to be Apprehended" (p. 4).
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Granada Pioneer Vol. I No. 6 (November 14, 1942)

Selected article titles: "Evacuees Aid Farmers. Volunteers Harvest Beets" (p. 1), "Real Property Taxes Due" (p. 1), "Each Block to Get Five Sewing Machines" (p. 1), "Fire Alarm System Set" (p. 1), "Call Blood Donors" (p. 1), "Chief Warns Speeders" (p. 2), "Shopping in Center Emphasized. Stock to be Increased ...
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Granada Pioneer Vol. II No. 19 (January 8, 1944)

Selected article titles: "Seabrook Farm Jobs Offered to Only Amache Evacuees" (p. 1), "College Entrants Must Fill Forms" (p. 6), "CSBA Recognizes Importance of Evacuee Farmers' Return" (p. 6).
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Amache Hi It Vol. III No. 6 (January 31, 1944)

Selected article titles: "Seniors Order Class Sweaters" (p. 1), "To be Held: Book Review" (p. 2), "W.R.A. Officials Now Visiting" (p. 2).
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Granada Pioneer Vol. I No. 104 (September 29, 1943)

Selected article titles: "Labor Shortage on Farm is Critical" (p. 1), "Ban is Placed on Outside Visitors" (p. 1), "Seek Deportation of All Disloyal" (p. 3).
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