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Rose Test Garden

Color slide of the Rose Test Garden in Washington Park. Rows of various types of rose bushes can be seen across the image. Five other visitors can be seen looking at the various rose bushes. According to donor processed on June 14, 1964.
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Unidentified Nisei Model

Black and white photographic negative of an unidentified Nisei model sitting on the ground with her legs bent to the left smiling slightly for the camera.
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Color slide of five horses inside a wooden corral. Two horses stand to the left with backs to the camera, others laying inside the corral on the ground. Outside of the corral is lined with straw. According to donor processed on June 20, 1951.
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Black and white photographic negative of an unidentified Nisei woman sitting at a picnic table with her eyes closed.
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War Relocation Authority (WRA)

Administrative Highlights of the WRA Program

Description how the WRA's administration and their goals of managing "temporary living facilities for persons of Japanese ancestry" and also of helped them return to civilian life.
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WRA Project Analysis Series No. 1

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WRA Project Analysis Series No. 8: Factors Influencing Low Enrollment in Certain Adult Education Courses

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WRA resettlement image

Original WRA caption: The large Milwaukee auditorium, the biggest of its kind in the State of Wisconsin, is a scene for some of the largest community group activities and civic events in the city. The auditorium is used for athletic contests, industrial exhibits, entertainment, and for many other kinds of ...
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Application for relocation assistance

This application for relocation assistance was filled out on February 15, 1946, by Mae Iseri, under her married name of Mae Yamada. The application lists herself and her two sons. They wished to relocate to Kent, Washington, and were granted $25.
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Resettlement publication

Publication titled: "The Philadelphia Hostel - Resettlement Gateway To Pennsylvania And Southern New Jersey." Provides information about the Philadelphia Hostel, a short-term housing option for Japanese Americans resettling to the East Coast.
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