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Nisei girls wearing kimono

Caption by Homer Yasui: "Yuka and Michi [Yasui] sitting, and wearing kimono. Michi is holding a cloth parasol. This is a very cute picture, and I'd guess that Yuka was around 3 years old then."
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Young People's Christian Conference

Caption by Homer Yasui: "Posed group photo of another YPCC [Young People's Christian Conference], this time at the Centenary-Wilbur Church which was on the eastside of Portland." Caption on front of photograph: "Fourth Oregon Sectional Y.P.C.C. Centenary - Wilbur Church, Portland, Oregon, March 28-29, 1936."
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Portrait of a Nisei boy

Caption by Homer Yasui: "Young Nisei boy wearing a necktie and a pullover sweater. This was 'George' Yutaka Iwasa, the only child of Inosuke and Haruye Iwasa. They lived in the Belmont district of Hood River."
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Class portrait

A class portrait of an all boys school in Japan where Sumito Horiuchi was education in the 1930s.
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Japanese American Citizens League activities

Masaoka Backs W.R.A. Policies (July 6, 1943)

The Seattle Daily Times, July 6, 1943, p. 8
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Sakamoto Calls for Faster Registration (March 23, 1942)

The Seattle Daily Times, March 23, 1942, p. 3
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Japanese Group Pledges Total Evacuation Aid. League Praises Treatment Given Persons Removed to Interior; Meeting Observes Curfew Rule (April 19, 1942)

The Seattle Daily Times, April 19, 1942, p. 2
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Manzanar riot/uprising

Letter from Larry Tajiri to Margaret Anderson, editor of Common Ground

Discussion of an article about the Manazanar riot/uprising.
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If They Want to Play Rough, It's High Time to Be Tough (December 9, 1942)

The Seattle Daily Times, December 9, 1942, p. 6
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Written on tape on cover: "This scrapbook is original--1942 Nobuko Omoto (Sakai) Bainbridge Island, WA. Please handle with care."
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