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Hawaiian statehood

Pacific Citizen, Vol. 44, No. 13 (March 29, 1957)

Select article titles: "JACL seeks deletion of 'Fuzz Young' text, use of 'Japs' may bias children" (p. 1); "First Japanese PW Taken in WW2 Found Working For Car Firm" (p. 1); "Nat'l Campaign on Anti-Nisei TV-Films Opens" (p. 1); "Hearing dates for Hawaii statehood set in both Houses" (p ...
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 45, No. 4 (July 26, 1957)

Select article titles: "TV Critic says Anti-Nisei Films Should be Junked" (p. 1); Aliens seeking adjustment of residence status allowed trips to U.S. possessions; Japanese circus performer can visit Hawaii" (p. 1); Library Named in Memory of Ex-Calif. Issei" (p. 2); "U.S.-Japan gov't cooperation assured for ...
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 45, No. 5 (August 2, 1957)

Select article titles: "Protest envoy acceptance of 'Jap' Text of 'Night Beat' interview on use of word 'Jap': Ambassador Matsudaira doesn't care; professor dislikes term" (p. 1); "JACL calls on senators to reject further substantive change to civil rights bill; 'heart of House-passed measure cut out" (p. 1); "Dinner ...
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 48, No. 10 (March 6, 1959)

Selected article titles: "Hawaii Statehood passes Senate group; JACLer hopes future pleas unnecessary" (p. 1), "Lip service to brotherhood idea not enough, CLers told" (p. 1), "Idaho governor signs marriage bill" (p. 1), "Washington's governor, Seattle mayor, Mike Masaoka address" (p. 3), "Project to aid Issei old folks in ...
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 44, No. 15 (April 12, 1957)

Select article titles: "CL renews Hawaii statehood plea: Far East aspect of U.S. foreign policy would be strengthened by admission" (p. 1); Canadian Nisei patato grower protest dumping of U.S. spud surplus in Canada" (p. 1); "100 Million in Japan by '64 May 'Blow off Roof'" (p. 2 ...
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 80, No. 5 (February 7, 1975)

Selected article titles: "Hiring Ban on Illegal Aliens: Proposal Gets Top Priority in House Judiciary Committee, Vows Rodino" (p. 1), "Interracial Marriages Among Nikkei Rising" (p. 1), "Japanese Studies at Primary Levels Proves Popular in S.F. (p. 3), and "$1-Billion Hawaii Native Claims Settlement Bill Re-Introduced" (p. 6).
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 49, No. 9 (August 28, 1959)

Selected article titles: "50th star flutters: Hawaii now full-fledged state" (p. 1), "Immigration director who facilitated Issei naturalization named to intelligence" (p. 1), "Mid-Manhattan's power blackout taken in stride; mother tells ghost stories to children at bedtime, enjoyed by candlelight" (p. 3), "Zen identified with 'state where nothing of ...
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 48, No. 13 (March 27, 1959)

Selected article titles: "Colorado passes fair housing legislation" (p. 1), "Ill-advised evacuees failing to file claim may get chance" (p. 1), "Personal effects vested by U.S. up for sale, protested" (p. 1), "Bill introduced to revoke license of biased real estaters" (p. 1), "Cal. Assembly votes to outlaw bias ...
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 48, No. 6 (February 6, 1959)

Selected article titles: "Issei first to get new DAR pin" (p. 1), "26 State Solons Co-Author Cal. FEPC Measure" (p. 1), "IDC to discuss marriage bias laws" (p. 1), "Hawaii maintains vigorous campaign to push citizenship training classes for aliens" (p. 3), "Chinese tongs provided insurance against want, place to ...
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 45, No. 10 (September 6, 1957)

Select article titles: "'Family hardship' immigration bill OK" (p. 1); "85th Congress in Historic Passage of Civiil Rights Measure" (p. 2); "Formal complaint alleging 200 L.A. frims discriminate in employement lodged by ADL" (p. 6); "White House official Max Rabb to address Tokyo Nisei parley" (p. 8); "Ex.-Oregon ...
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