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Decision to incarcerate

Army Selects Centers for Alien Evacuees (March 6, 1942)

The Seattle Daily Times, March 6, 1942, p. 18
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Intelligence memo: "Individuals Blacklisted by Nisei"

Intelligence memo on individuals in the Japanese American community reported to be "suspicious" by other Japanese Americans. Information was provided by a handful of nisei informants, whose opinions were "possibly...colored by personal feelings or desire for gain."
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Mass Ouster of Japanese is Demanded by Atty.-Gen. Feelings of Residents in Eastern Washington 'Not Important at This Time,' Congressmen Are Told (March 2, 1942)

The Seattle Daily Times, March 2, 1942, p. 1
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Wartime Removal Hits All Coast Aliens, Good or Bad (February 3, 1942)

The Seattle Daily Times, February 3, 1942, p. 15
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 89, No. 2056 (August 17, 1979)

Selected article titles: "Issei Naturalization Class Reactivating" (p. 1), "Job Bias Cases by Japanese Firms in U.S. Viewed" (p. 1), "Assemblyman Mori's Day of Remembrance Bill Signed" (p. 1), and "Question and Answer Fact Sheet: Didn't Pearl Harbor Justify Your Detention?" (pp. 5, 7).
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Memo from Delos Emmons to John J. McCloy

Memorandum from Delos Emmons, Lieutenant General, U.S. Army, to John J. McCloy, Assistant Secretary of War, regarding a previous report on the Japanese in Hawaii. In this memo, Emmons refutes much of the information in the report. He dispels many of the rumors about the Hawaiian Japanese and admonishes the ...
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Letter by John L. DeWitt: "Separation of Kibei from Nisei"

Letter written by John. L. DeWitt, Lieutenant General U.S. Army, to Chief of Staff, U.S. Army. Recommends the segregation of Kibei and Issei from Nisei, and steps taken toward the eventual repatriation of some of the Kibei and Issei.
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Memo regarding DeWitt's Final Report

Memo from Edward Ennis to Paul Freund on DeWitt's Final Report. Ennis does not want the government to use the report to justify internment because of all the false statements in it.
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Letter from the FCC to Francis Biddle

Letter from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to Francis Biddle on radio signaling as described in DeWitt's Final Report. The FCC reviewed their records and found that there was no evidence of any illegal signaling during Dec. 1941 - July 1942. The FCC also refuted two other things that DeWitt ...
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Memo from General Emmons to John McCloy

Memo from General Emmons to John McCloy on nisei in the military. Gives statistics on Nisei in the military in Hawaii and suggests that even though they stopped accepting Nisei in the military creating an all-Nisei combat unit would improve security issues in Hawaii. Emmons says that 300 Nisei already ...
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