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Aiko Studio

Aiko Studio, located in Seattle's Nihonmachi area, was one of several photography studios that catered to the Japanese American community before World War II.
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Miyuki "Kay" Kida and George Kida

Color studio portrait photograph of Kay and her son George Kida taken in celebration of her 89th birthday. From left to right: Miyuki "Kay" Kida and George Kida.
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Miyuki "Kay" Kida

One copy of a color studio portrait photograph of Miyuki "Kay" Kida taken in celebration of her 89th birthday. Inscribed on the back "#11."
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Ted Akimoto taking a photograph

Caption: "Our cameras were bulky 4x5 Speed Graphics. Nothing was automatic. You took a wood film holder / which held one piece of film on each side, placed it in the back, pulled out a slide, put in a flash bulb, / figured out your exposure and cocked the shutter, set the ...
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Ted Akimoto's Army Photographer patch

Caption: "At the end of WWII I was fortunate enough to be Photo Assignment Officer for the Signal Photo / division of the Supreme Command Allied Powers (SCAP) in Tokyo, Japan. Our responsibilities / were to take all newsworthy still photographs and newsreels requested by the Public Information / Office of SCAP. All ...
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Work leave

Mits Koshiyama Interview Segment 4

Thoughts on Japanese Americans working outside the Heart Mountain concentration camp as farm laborers
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Tokio Hirotaka - Toshio Ito - Joe Matsuzawa Segment 34

Topping sugar beets
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Family travel permit

From 1943 until 1945, the Iseri family resided in Ontario, Oregon, as part of the War Relocation Authority's Seasonal Work Leave Program. In early 1945 they applied to move to Hunt, Idaho, and received this telegram granting permission.
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Peggie Nishimura Bain Interview Segment 43

Fond memories of working at a farm worker labor camp
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Bruce T. Kaji Interview I Segment 19

Leaving camp temporarily to work on a farm

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