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Good Ol' Santa

Santa Claus
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Hula dancers performing

Dinner reception for the Ninth Annual California Landscape Gardeners Convention held at Cabana Hotel.
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Looks like a frame up! Agne, Chiz, and George

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1965 Style! New Method

Newspaper staff for San Jose Landscape Gardeners Association.
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Ninth Annual Landscape Gardeners Convention panel talk

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Discriminatory laws

The Northwest Times Vol. 4 No. 86 (October 28, 1950)

"Portland to Dedicate Nisei War Memorial Monument at Rites Sunday" (p. 1), "Truman Points to Flaws in McCarran Bill" (p. 1), ""Clean' Naturalization Measure Sought" (p. 4).
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The Northwest Times Vol. 5 No. 3 (January 10, 1951)

"3 Legislations Introduced to Congress : ADC" (p. 1), "Congress Gets Two Measures" (p. 1), "A New Year and an Unpleasant Korean War Faced by the Japanese" (p. 1).
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The Northwest Times Vol. 4 No. 77 (September 27, 1950)

"Soldier Brides Bill Passage Places ADC in Unwanted Role of Lonely Hearts Club" (p. 1), "Claims Payments Expected Soon" (p. 1), "McCarran Ignores Veto of Walter Bill, Assures Solon of New Legislation" (p. 2).
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The Northwest Times Vol. 3 No. 38 (May 11, 1949)

"Chinese OK Rider to Judd Measure" (p. 1), "Baptists Will Note Fiftieth Year Here" (p. 1), "List Contributors toward Local ADC Fund Drive" (p. 1).
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The Northwest Times Vol. 4 No. 78 (September 30, 1950)

"Confusion Reigns in the Nation's Capitol After House, By a Whopping Majority, Votes to Override Vetoed Walter Bill" (p. 1), "Congress Amends Trading Act" (p. 1), "Volunteer Solicitors Cover District in Annual Community Chest Campaign; Our Goal This Year Will be $9,100" (p. 1).
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