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Anti-immigration sentiment

Hawaiian Japanese Coming to Vancouver (September 13, 1907)

The Seattle Daily Times, September 13, 1907, p. 5
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Odd Immigration Tests Proposed. Using Soldier as Basis of Comparison, Asiatics Can All Be Shut Aut [Out], Secretary of Labor Declares. Same Standard Would Also Eliminate Others. (January 23, 1914)

The Seattle Daily Times, January 23, 1914, p. 8
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The Jap Tidal Wave. (May 4, 1900)

The Seattle Daily Times, May 4, 1900, p. 9
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Brazil Gets First of Japanese Emigrants (June 5, 1913)

The Seattle Daily Times, June 5, 1913, p. 16
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Wants Japanese Totally Barred. Californian Denounces Plan to Restrict Immigration on Percentage Basis. Scores Gulick Scheme. (June 15, 1919)

The Seattle Daily Times, June 15, 1919, p. 13
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Discriminatory laws

Wilson Personally Asks California Not to Violate Treaties. Confident People and Legislature of State Will Not Designedly Embarrass National Government. Adverse Laws Should Be Directed at All Aliens. (April 22, 1913)

The Seattle Daily Times, April 22, 1913, p. 1
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Buys Land for Aliens. Former U.S. Inspector on Trial for Fraud. (July 1, 1924)

The Seattle Daily Times, July 1, 1924, p. 10
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Interracial Marriages Will Be Null and Void (January 31, 1911)

The Seattle Daily Times, January 31, 1911, p. 9
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Alien Land Bill Up to Governor. Opposition Told That President-Elect Will Not Refer to Japanese Question. (March 3, 1921)

The Seattle Daily Times, March 3, 1921, pp. 1, 2
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Decision Affirmed in Alien Land Case. Supreme Court, Sitting on Banc, Escheats Property of White River Gardens to State. (June 2, 1926)

The Seattle Daily Times, June 2, 1926, p. 15
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