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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 106, No. 1 (January 1-8, 1988)

Special new year edition. Selected article titles: "Unlikely Journalist Writes Book About Unlikely Liberators" (pp. 1-2), "Yasui Coram Nobis: Case Closed" (p. 1), "The Exploration of the Magic Code" (pp. 2-3, 9-10), "Saburo Okinaga: World War II and the Experiences of One Japanese American in Hawaii" (p. 10), and "The ...
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 69, No. 5 (August 01,1969)

Select article titles: "Tex. Nisei Greets Astronauts of Apollo XI" (p. 1); "Hate mail shows 'Yellow Peril' still feared" (p. 1); "Chief Justice Warren still pursued to apologize for his role in Evacuation" (p. 1); "'Nisei: The Quiet Americans': Controversy Goes to Publisher" (p. 4); "Most Unusual Family: Momiyamas" (p ...
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 78, No. 3 (January 25, 1974)

Selected article titles: "Reagan Wants Jpn. For State Use" (p. 1), "Washington Newsletter: Anti-Japanese American Acts (It Can Happen Here, Again)" (p. 2), "'Two Worlds of Jim Yoshida': Hollywood Film Production Starts on Saga of Nisei Strandee in Japan" (p. 3), and "Book Review: Manzanar in Retrospect" (p. 5).
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 108, No. 2 (January 20, 1989)

Selected article titles: "Naomi Iwata Sanchez: Seattle JACL Chapter President Attends Bush Transition Meeting" (pp. 1, 3), "JACL-LEC Issues Redress Alert in Wake of Meager Redress Appropriation" (pp. 1, 8), "Keeping a Promise in 1990: Census Bureau to List Nine Different Asian/Pacific American Categories" (pp. 1, 3), and "From ...
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 95, No. 25 (December 17, 1982)

Selected article titles: "Matsui Chides Hayakawa for Dec. 7 Anti-Redress Speech" (p. 1), "U.S.-Japan Trade: Showdown Nears" (pp. 1, 4), "A-Bomb Survivors to Seek Hibakusha Research Bill" (p. 2), and "From the Frying Pan: Niihau: Bizarre Episode of WWII" (p. 5).
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Senate Joint Resolution No. 21 (SJR #21): Abolishing Restrictions on Land Ownership fact sheet

A typed and revised document that briefly outlines the key points behind Senate Joint Resolution 21.
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Young Buddhist League Convention Court and Queen

Black and white photographic print of the Fourth Annual Northwest Young Buddhist League's Convection Court and Queen. Left to Right: Mae (Okazaki) Sasaki of Tacoma, Washington; Margaret Tomoguchi of Seattle, Washington; Mary (Nakata) Fujii of Portland, Oregon (Queen); Sumi (Hashimoto) Kurokawa, and Takako Nitta of Spokane, Washington. This photograph ...
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Buddhist Convention

Black and white photographic negative of members of the Oregon Buddhist Church (now known as the Oregon Buddhist Temple) at a Buddhist convention at Collin's Field House in Seattle, Washington. Back row left to right: Frances (Kinoshita) Mayeda, Aki (Shiraishi) Dong, Mary (Nakata) Fujii, unidentified, Jean (Tsujimura) Takashima, remaining ...
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George Kida memorial card and obituary

A funeral memorial card for George Kida for his funeral on Nov. 16, 1998. Includes a newspaper clipping of his obituary published November 18, 1998 and a photocopy of the newspaper clipping.
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Christmas letter from Keith McCoy to Mack and Dixie.

Christmas letter from Keith McCoy to Mack and Dixie. Mentions George Kida's death and that Keith McCoy was the grandson of Vickie Waldron (Sarah "Sade" Pyatt's sister). Also mentions the obituary that Keith McCoy wrote for George Kida. The index card lists the dates of birth and death ...
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