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Ben Uyeno Segment 15

Issei-Nisei values: keeping the young people busy, support for the Courier League
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Issei man in Los Angeles

Caption by Ike Hatchimonji: "Kumezo Hatchimonji - age 65 Los Angeles. Died 1956 Niland, Calif."
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Gathering of Issei men

Caption by Homer Yasui: "A gathering of a large group of Issei men, sitting and standing in a grassy meadow. There is an American flag prominently displayed and there are unidentifiable steamers on tall poles The tall bluff in the left background reminds me of what the area immediately to ...
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Four Issei men in Parkdale, Oregon

Caption by Homer Yasui: "[Masuo Yasui] standing with 3 other Issei men on what appears to be a lawn. Since Tadao Sato is one of the men, and he's the only one wearing farm work clothes, I will guess that the others came to visit him at his orchard ...
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Seven Issei men in suits

Caption by Homer Yasui: "A group of Hood River Issei, from left to right: Kozo Karasawa, Yoshitomo Kyono, Ikutaro Takagi, Kamematsu Norimatsu and [Renichi Fujimoto]. I can't identify the two men who are crouching in the front."
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Three Issei men in a field

Masuo Yasui with two unidentified Issei men, standing in a field.
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Tomio Moriguchi Interview I Segment 3

Running store and raising the family, "The quiet strength" of mother
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Junkoh Harui Segment 26

Lessons learned from rebuilding, the importance of honor, dignity, and family legacy

This interview was done outdoors in the Bainbridge Gardens Nursery which resulted in increased background noise and frequent interruptions by the business P.A. system.
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Fumiko Uyeda Groves Segment 27

Importance of ken connections
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Fumiko M. Noji Segment 15

Losing citizenship as a result of marrying an Issei
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