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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 53, No. 25 (December 22, 1961)

Special holiday issue organized into sections A 1-24, B 1-16, and C 1-4. Selected article titles: "'Evacuation' JACL Statement and Command Decision" (pp. A-1, A-3-A-7), "Nisei Actors Come of Age" (p. A-8), "Chronology of War Relocation Authority Activities" (pp. A-22-A-23), and "JACL vs. Lechner" (pp. B-15-B-16).
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Tule Lake scrapbook

Scrapbook created in Tule Lake camp by Japanese American students. Contents include drawings, art, holiday greeting cards prints, poetry and signatures of student groups. See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: mei_03_20_001
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Gidra, Vol. I, No. 2 (May 1969)

Selected article titles: "S.I. Rips Gidra!" (p. 1), "The Oriental as a 'Middleman Minority'" (p. 3), "Red Guard Party" (p. 4), "Title II . . . 'a Long Step Toward Totalitarianism'" (p. 5).
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Tule Lake scrapbook illustrated page

Scrapbook page features a pastel drawing of women showering and in various states of undress in camp barracks. Illustration is accompanied by a poem "Barrack room ballads" about the lack of both privacy and comfort of women using camp barracks showers and toilets. Tule Lake scrapbook (ucsb_mei_0053), page 31. See ...
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Gidra, Vol. I, No. 3 (June 1969)

Selected article titlese: "The Persecution Rests" (p. 1), "CS, It's a Gas!" (p. 1), "Reflections in a Slanted Eye" (p. 2), "Grapes Are Coming!" (p. 4).
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Community and social service associations

The Northwest Times Vol. 4 No. 78 (September 30, 1950)

"Confusion Reigns in the Nation's Capitol After House, By a Whopping Majority, Votes to Override Vetoed Walter Bill" (p. 1), "Congress Amends Trading Act" (p. 1), "Volunteer Solicitors Cover District in Annual Community Chest Campaign; Our Goal This Year Will be $9,100" (p. 1).
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Japs Form Association (April 29, 1910)

The Seattle Daily Times, April 29, 1910, p. 19
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George Fugami Segment 51

Involvement in Atlantic Street Center
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George Fugami Segment 47

Lion's Club: purpose is to serve the community
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Toru Sakahara - Kiyo Sakahara Interview II Segment 26

Kiyo's work with a YMCA program

This interview was conducted over two days at the Sakaharas' home.
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