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Registration and the "loyalty questionnaire"

Envelope and letter to Dr. Keizaburo "Kei" Koyama from Teru Koyama

Slightly yellowed envelope addressed to Dr. Keizaburo Koyama in Camp Livingston from his wife, Teru Koyama, at Minidoka. Postmarked October 19, 1942. Along the top 10-23-1942 is written in red pencil. On the left side of the envelope is a purple "Censored" stamp. Inside the envelope is a letter dated ...
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Sue Kunitomi Embrey Interview Segment 13

Problems arising from the so-called "loyalty questionnaire"
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Michiko Wada Interview Segment 10

Remembering the so-called "loyalty questionnaire"
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K. Morgan Yamanaka Interview Segment 16

Answering "no-no" on the so-called "loyalty questionnaire"
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Frank Emi Interview Segment 6

Deciding to qualify answers to the so-called "loyalty questions"

This interview was conducted by sisters Emiko and Chizuko Omori for their 1999 documentary, Rabbit in the Moon, about the Japanese American resisters of conscience in the World War II incarceration camps. As a result, the interviews in this collection are ...

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WRA resettlement image

Original WRA caption: The large Milwaukee auditorium, the biggest of its kind in the State of Wisconsin, is a scene for some of the largest community group activities and civic events in the city. The auditorium is used for athletic contests, industrial exhibits, entertainment, and for many other kinds of ...
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Application for relocation assistance

This application for relocation assistance was filled out on February 15, 1946, by Mae Iseri, under her married name of Mae Yamada. The application lists herself and her two sons. They wished to relocate to Kent, Washington, and were granted $25.
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Resettlement publication

Publication titled: "The Philadelphia Hostel - Resettlement Gateway To Pennsylvania And Southern New Jersey." Provides information about the Philadelphia Hostel, a short-term housing option for Japanese Americans resettling to the East Coast.
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Leaving camp

Original WRA caption: Closing of the Jerome Relocation Center, Denson, Arkansas. Jerome residents who are to be sent to the Granada Center wait in trucks to entrain.
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Worthy Japs Should Be Given Jobs -- And Soon, Says Mrs. F.R. (April 27, 1943)

The Seattle Daily Times, April 27, 1943, p. 1
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