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Associations and organizations

YWCA conference attendees

L to R: Aya Miyazaki, Sada Murayama and Elaine Ishikawa Hayes. These young women were temporarily released from Tule Lake concentration camp to attend the YWCA conference.
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Lotus group performance

This program took place at the Nippon Kan Theater in Seattle's Nihonmachi area. The Lotus group was affiliated with the Seattle Buddhist Church.
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Lotus group

The Lotus group was an association of young members of Seattle's Buddhist Church. This photo was taken after a Lotus performance at Nippon Kan Theatre.
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Lotus group picnic

Lotus group picnic at Glendawn Park. Lotus was an association of young members of Seattle's Buddhist Church.
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Green Lake Young People's Club

Members of the Green Lake Seinenkai (young people's club), a social club primarily for Nisei in their teens and twenties. This club organized athletic, cultural, and social activities. Back row (L to R): Tadashi Kumagai, Toge Fujihara, Tak Nakawatase, Akira Kumasaka, Tom Nishitani, Naoshi Kumagai, Nobuo Tanagi, Nobi Yamada ...
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Immigration and citizenship

Pacific Citizen, Vol. 88, No. 2041 (May 4, 1979)

Selected article titles: "Omission of Asians 'Glaring Oversight' on U.S. List Designating 'Minorities'" (pp. 1-2, 11), "First Friday Feature: Angel Island Immigration Station Dedicated" (p. 3), "Japan Today: May 4-10 Asian/Pacific American Heritage Week" (p. 6), and "West Coast Nisei Farmers in 1942, if Given a Free Choice ...
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 94, No. 8 (February 26, 1982)

Selected article titles: "'Reagan's Raids': People or Numbers" (pp. 1, 8), "JACL Now Preparing for 3-Year Redress Campaign" (pp. 1, 10), "East Wind: Issei Principles" (p. 5), and "Moshi-Moshi: Samrai Without Mystique--Kabu" (p. 12).
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 94, No. 2 (January 15, 1982)

Selected article titles: "New Alien Law Eliminates Annual Address Reporting" (p. 1), "The Other Internees of World War II" (pp. 2-3), "Peter Imamura: Separate but Equal" (p. 3), and "Chapter Report: JACL in Japan Keeps Rolling" (p. 10).
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 95, No. 13 (September 24, 1982)

Selected article titles: "House Judiciary Committee Votes to Retain 5th Preference" (p. 1), "Japanese Canadians to Seek Redress for WW2 Relocation" (pp. 1-2), "Former Nisei Queen Responds to Rift Over 'Mixed Ancestry'" (p. 3), and "Alaskan and Japan Cities Make 'Sister Port' Pact Official" (p. 8).
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 94, No. 6 (February 12, 1982)

Selected article titles: "Immigration Raids Alarm Little Tokyo" (pp. 1, 12), "FDR 'Tapes' Tell More Than a Few Racial Slurs" (pp. 1, 7), "60th Anniversary Installation: Why the JACL Endures" (p. 7), and "The Major Supreme Court Error of WW2: Evacuation Cases" (p. 9).
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