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Pre-World War II

Two Japanese women posed with a dog

Caption by Homer Yasui: "Another picture of [Shidzuyo Yasui] with another young Japanese woman and an obvious studio prop dog."
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Nisei girl visiting family in Japan

Caption by Homer Yasui: "Michi [Yasui] visiting the Miyake relatives, when she went there for a visit alone, in the summer of 1940."
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Japanese women on Awaji Island

Caption by Homer Yasui: "4 posed group photographs in which [Shidzuyo Yasui] appears they must have been taken at Sumoto School in Awaji." Shidzuyo Yasui is pictured in the center.
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Japanese women in kimono

Shidzuyo Yasui is pictured in the last row on the left. Caption by Homer Yasui: "[Shidzuyo] and another woman standing in the back, are wearing formal black clothing bearing crests of some sort. The mon (crest) that [Shidzuyo] is wearing is too small to be identified. The Miyake [Shidzuyo's ...
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Manzanar riot/uprising

Letter from Larry Tajiri to Margaret Anderson, editor of Common Ground

Discussion of an article about the Manazanar riot/uprising.
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If They Want to Play Rough, It's High Time to Be Tough (December 9, 1942)

The Seattle Daily Times, December 9, 1942, p. 6
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Written on tape on cover: "This scrapbook is original--1942 Nobuko Omoto (Sakai) Bainbridge Island, WA. Please handle with care."
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Japanese repatriates leaving for Japan

Original WRA caption: "Japanese repatriates embarking for Japan." Although the WRA caption specifically refers to repatriates, many Japanese Americans who left were citizens of the United States and therefore, expatriates.
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Jap Repatriates to Start Home Soon (October 30, 1945)

The Seattle Daily Times, October 30, 1945, p. 15
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The Northwest Times Vol. 1 No. 22 (March 25, 1947)

"Text of Masaoka's Speech : Clarifies Japanese-American Situation" (p. 1), "Seeks Linguists" (p. 1)
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