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Pre-World War II


All of Roy Matsumoto's siblings were born in the United States, but went to live in Japan. Left to right: (in chronological order) Takeshi, Tsutomu, Noboru, Harue, Isao, and Shizue.
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The Uyeda family operated this store out of their home.
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Buddhist ceremony

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Family portrait

The Uyeda family poses in front of their home in Hiroshima, Japan. Front row (L to R): Masato, Masaharu, Tetsu. Second row: Yorito.
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Manzanar riot/uprising

If They Want to Play Rough, It's High Time to Be Tough (December 9, 1942)

The Seattle Daily Times, December 9, 1942, p. 6
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Letter (with envelope) to Molly Wilson from Chiyeko Akahoshi (December 26, 1942)

Handwritten letter to Molly Wilson from Chiyeko Akahoshi (December 26, 1942). Envelope is postmarked December 30, 1942 from the Manzanar Incarceration Camp in Manzanar, California.
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Idaho Jap Paper Deplores Riots (January 4, 1943)

The Seattle Daily Times, January 4, 1943, p. 5
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Grace Hata Interview Segment 18

Memories of expatriating to Japan
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Yaeko Nakano - Hiroshi Nakano - Kenichi Nakano - Stanley Nakano Segment 13

The decision at to repatriate to Japan, then to remain in the U.S.
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Yae Aihara Interview Segment 9

Father's decision to take the family to Japan
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