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Good Ol' Santa

Santa Claus
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Hula dancers performing

Dinner reception for the Ninth Annual California Landscape Gardeners Convention held at Cabana Hotel.
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Looks like a frame up! Agne, Chiz, and George

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1965 Style! New Method

Newspaper staff for San Jose Landscape Gardeners Association.
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Ninth Annual Landscape Gardeners Convention panel talk

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Lilly Kodama Interview Segment 10

Encountering discrimination postwar at a department store and later on honeymoon
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Isao East Oshima Interview Segment 13

Encountering discrimination when trying to purchase a home
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Yoshimi Matsuura Interview Segment 23

Dealing with blatant racism
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Yoshimi Matsuura Interview Segment 21

Having difficulty finding housing
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 88, No. 2045 (June 1, 1979)

Selected article titles: "Harvey Itano: First Nisei Named to Nat'l Academy of Sciences" (p. 1), "First Friday Feature: The Chilling Fact Is the Same: Nikkei and Jews Both Interned by Their Own Nations for Only One Reason--Ancestry!" (p. 3), "A Question of Leadership" (p. 6), and "Nisei Relays Attract ...
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