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Francis Mas Fukuhara Segment 2

Four close families, continuing "ken" connections
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Frank Miyamoto Interview I Segment 6

"Ken" (prefecture) connections: how Japanese geography affected Japanese American businesses
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Fumiko Uyeda Groves Segment 27

Importance of ken connections
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Hiroshima Kenjinkai

Celebration commemorating the establishment of the Hiroshima Kenjinkai, or Hiroshima prefectural organization. (Identification on front of the photograph.)
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Tom Akashi Interview Segment 6

Childhood memories of Mount Eden, California: kenjinkai picnics, father is community's Japanese school teacher
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Ruby Inouye Interview Segment 11

Discussion of prewar kenjinkai activities
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Kiyo Maruyama Interview Segment 15

Memories of kenjinkai picnics

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Fumiko Uyeda Groves Segment 39

Involvement helping visitors from Japan through the Nikkeijinkai
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Hiroshi Kashiwagi Interview Segment 6

Father's role within the Japanese American community
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Heart Mountain Sentinel Vol. II No. 42 (October 16, 1943)

Selected article titles: "An American's Return to American Way of Life" (p. 1), "Center Enters Important New Phase of Existence With Segregation Over" (p. 1), "New Rules Made for Camp Visits" (p. 2), "Editorial: After 52 Weeks" (p. 4), "Resettlement Said Greatest Adventure to Beckon Nisei" (p. 4), "Local ...
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