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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 53, No. 25 (December 22, 1961)

Special holiday issue organized into sections A 1-24, B 1-16, and C 1-4. Selected article titles: "'Evacuation' JACL Statement and Command Decision" (pp. A-1, A-3-A-7), "Nisei Actors Come of Age" (p. A-8), "Chronology of War Relocation Authority Activities" (pp. A-22-A-23), and "JACL vs. Lechner" (pp. B-15-B-16).
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Gidra, Vol. I, No. 2 (May 1969)

Selected article titles: "S.I. Rips Gidra!" (p. 1), "The Oriental as a 'Middleman Minority'" (p. 3), "Red Guard Party" (p. 4), "Title II . . . 'a Long Step Toward Totalitarianism'" (p. 5).
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Poem written in camp

Jim Yoshihara wrote the poem "Damned Fence" while incarcerated at Minidoka.
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Gidra, Vol. I, No. 3 (June 1969)

Selected article titlese: "The Persecution Rests" (p. 1), "CS, It's a Gas!" (p. 1), "Reflections in a Slanted Eye" (p. 2), "Grapes Are Coming!" (p. 4).
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Young Nisei woman playing the piano

Michi Yasui at the piano.
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Ottawa University Choir

Photo from page of "Scrapbook: Postmarks, 1947-48". Ottawa University Choir; Tsuguo "Ike" Ikeda is in the second row from the top, fourth from the left.
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Opera singer Tosciko Hasegawa

Signature on photograph: "Hasegawa Toshiko [in Japanese]. Mila 1945." Caption on front: "Tosciko [a.k.a. Toshiko] Hasegawa. (Nedda) in 'Pagliacci'." Caption in album: "Hasegawa was stuck in Italy during the war. She married Italian. Opera singer. Milan 1945."
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Sue Takimoto Okabe Segment 16

Civic work and current involvement with Jive Bombers Christmas performance
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Sue Takimoto Okabe Segment 9

"It hurts, but you don't show it," facing racist audiences while singing and traveling with USO
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