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Manzanar Free Press

Manzanar Free Press Vol. II No. 17 (August 28, 1942)

Selected article titles: "Expect 1000 for Furlough. Farm Jobs May Start in October" (p. 1), "Seamen Called to Special Meeting" (p. 1), "To Notify Workers Through Press" (p. 1), "Barber Shop Opens Next Week" (p. 1), "Harvest Time for Victory Garden" (p. 1), "Local School System Faces Difficulties" (p. 1 ...
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Manzanar Free Press Vol. III No. 37 (May 8, 1943)

Selected article titles: "Evacuees Eligible for Vocational Training by NYA. 35 to Comprise Initial Group" (p. 1), "State Department to Deliberate Repatriation" (p. 1), "Procedures Released on Damage Claims" (p. 1), "Nisei Girl Exemplifies Americanism by Honesty" (p. 1), "Council Members Chosen; Ready to Perform Duties. Advisory Board Members to ...
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Manzanar Free Press Vol. II No. 32 (October 3, 1942)

Selected article titles: "The Honest Man" (p. 1), "New Block Managers Confer Up Working System" (p. 1), "National WRA Director Arrives Tuesday for One-day Conference. To be Accompanied by Army Official" (p. 1), "Drafted Charter Meets Approval" (p. 1), "Negroes and the Nisei" (p. 2), "Shall We Fiddle While Manzanar ...
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Manzanar Free Press Vol. 6 No. 30 (October 7, 1944)

Selected article titles: "WRA Director Tells Evacuees of Changing Public Attitudes" (p. 1), "Fire Prevention Week to Begin Tomorrow; Slate Full Program" (p. 1), "Draftee Deferred" (p. 1), "Mob Nisei Workers" (p. 1).
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Manzanar Free Press Vol. 5 No. 11 (February 5, 1944)

Selected article titles: "$14,000 Goal Set in Local Fourth War Loan Drive" (p. 1), " Pardon Army Chief in Civil Court Case" (p. 1), "Myer Appoints Mills to Head Poston" (p. 1), "Warns Danger of Racial Persecution" (p. 1), " Eligibility List for Pullmans Released" (p. 1), "Canadian Niseis Refuse Gift ...
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Manzanar Free Press Vol. II No. 25 (September 17, 1942)

Selected article titles: "Governm't Committee Begins Work. Charter to be Framed by Sub-Committees of Issei, Nisei Leaders" (p. 1), "Sugar Company Agents Here" (p. 1), "Center Population Nears Capacity" (p. 1), "Agricultural Workers Stand by for Call" (p. 1), "Heroic Nisei Actions Cited in New Republic Magazine" (p. 1 ...
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Manzanar Free Press Vol. I No. 7 (May 2, 1942)

Selected article titles: "Anita, Tulare to Receive 3200 L.A. Evacuees" (p. 1), "Block Leaders Draft Local Constitution" (p. 1), "New Civic Center to Rise" (p. 1), "Lost? Claim it at 1-9-1" (p. 2), "Manzanar Sets Pace for Darker Camp" (p. 3), "Books Arrive; Library to Open" (p. 4), "Tips ...
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Manzanar Free Press Vol. III No. 26 (March 31, 1943)

Selected article titles: "Leave Clearance Work Speeded Up. Indefinite Leave May be Issued by Project Director in Center" (p. 1), "Co-op Proposes Activities at Level Expense" (p. 1), "Approval Given on Chicken, Hog Farm Projects" (p. 1), "Baby Food Arrives From Tulelake" (p. 1), "More Job Offers from Large Cities ...
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Manzanar Free Press Vol. IV No. 2 (September 11, 1943)

Selected article titles: "Instructions on Segregation Released Here" (p. 1), "Special Meeting of Congress Monday" (p. 1), "Membership Administration Needed!" (p. 2), "Alaska Niseis Join Shelby Team" (p. 2), "Urges Family Basis Resettlement" (p. 3), "Second Caucasian Baby Born Here" (p. 3).
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Manzanar Free Press Vol. 6 No. 11 (August 2, 1944)

Selected article titles: "Continue Investigation of Warehouse Fires" (p. 1), "Block Managers Meet in Hundredth Assembly Since Reorganization" (p. 2), "Protest Nisei Workers" (p. 3).
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