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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 44, No. 9 (March 1, 1957)

Selected article titles: "Noted Oregonians Honored for Wartime Service to Nisei, JACL" (p. 1); Bill Hosokawa Promoted Post's Exec. News Ed" (p. 1); Shonien 'red carp,' JACL 'pinwheel' on L.A. museum exhibit" (p. 1); No. Calif. Japanese Americans launch $5,000 campaign for Immigration Museum" (p. 1); "Issei ...
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Office of the Rocky Mountain Times

First intermountain Japanese newspaper started in 1907, later merged with the Utah Nippo. Proprietor Mr. Shiro Iida.
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 108, No. 14 (April 14, 1989)

Selected article titles: "House Subcommittee: $250 Million for Redress" (p. 1), "AAJA Presents James Omura with 'Lifetime Achievement Award'" (pp. 1, 5), and "By the Board: Keeping JACL Alive" (p. 4).
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 105, No. 10 (October 2, 1987)

Selected article titles: "AAJA Convention Has 'Write' Stuff" (pp. 1, 3, 8), "Coram Nobis Case: Court Overturns Wartime Convictions" (pp. 1, 6), "Reese Article Calls Redress Issue a Second Attack on Pearl Harbor" (p. 4), and "The Mountainous Ordeal of Passing Redress" (pp. 5-7).
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Government and politics

Pacific Citizen, Vol. 102, No. 14 (April 11, 1986)

Selected article titles: "State Bill Allows Payments to Ex-School Clerks" (p. 1), "East Wind: Appeal from an Issei Vet" (p. 4), "Don't Ignore U.S.-Japan" (p. 4), and "Let's Not Get Involved" (pp. 4-5).
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Pacific Citizen, Vol. 102, No. 11 (March 21, 1986)

Selected article titles: "Sansei Give Behind-the-Scenes Account of U.S.-Japan Trade Talks" (pp. 1, 8), "From the Frying Pan: Return to Heart Mountain" (p. 5), and "442 Officer Promotes Redress" (p. 6).
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The Newell Star, Vol. II, No. 31 (August 3, 1945)

Selected article titles: "Japan Now Represented in U.S. by Swiss Govt." (pp. 1, 3), "Army Alone Determines Who Can Return--Pratt" (pp. 1-2), "Demonstration Given by Center Fire Dept." (p. 2), and "Safety Council Gives Warning" (p. 4).
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Pre-World War II


All of Roy Matsumoto's siblings were born in the United States, but went to live in Japan. Left to right: (in chronological order) Takeshi, Tsutomu, Noboru, Harue, Isao, and Shizue.
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The Uyeda family operated this store out of their home.
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Buddhist ceremony

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